These Gloves Rock!

It is Spring time and your fur babies are all trying their hardest to shed that winter hair.  You try your best to help them out with the process by brushing them and brushing them and brushing some more.  It just seems like an endless process.  I have run into this same issue.  Then I stumbled upon a product that looked like it could help with this, but I had my doubts…

They are grooming gloves made by Hands On.  They have little nubbins that are on the palm side of the glove.  They were a little pricey, but not horribly so, so I took a leap and purchased a pair of them to try out on our 4-legged shedding kiddos.  I was tickled that their adult small size actually fit my tiny hands.

I tried them out on Abi first.  She LOVED them!  But she loves any kind of human attention she can get, so it was not really a fair test.  She will stand for hours while being groomed just for the attention.  (Or is it that she is getting all of the attention and her herd-mates are not?)

Moving on to Ember.  Ember is one who has never cared for being groomed.  She will tolerate a few strokes of a brush or comb, but then she is done…  Know what I mean?  I never have my kiddos tied when grooming them.  (I prefer for them to be able to have the choice to stay or go – that is just how I am with my kiddos.)  So after a few strokes of a brush, she will typical walk off.  That is totally fine.  They are all different in their uniqueness and I would never want to squash anything that makes them who they are.

I started by letting Ember smell the gloves on my hands so she can get familiar with them.  Once she has touched them a couple of times to her nose, I know that she has accepted them.  I started out brushing her with my gloved hands on her shoulders.  She didn’t object to this at all, much to my surprise.  I worked up to her withers at the line of her mane where she gets itchy at times.  She actually moved to position herself closer to me for a deeper touch with the glove!

What????  I was a bit surprised by this but rolled with it by giving her itchy areas a deeper stroke of the glove.  She then started to move her head around in a way that I knew she was thoroughly enjoying this bit of the pampering. 

After working the gloves over more areas of her body, I walked away from her, curious to see what she would choose to do.  If you guessed that she followed me and asked me to continue on with the pampering, you would be correct!  My girl who only barely tolerated brushes in the past was totally loving this new Hands On approach.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was because the gloves were flexible enough to move with the contours of my hands for a more personal touch.

I was so impressed with how everything was going, I decided to try these gloves out on Ember’s mane.  I am tickled to say that she LOVES it when I comb out her mane using these Hands On gloves!  Who would have ever thought?  I have even used these gloves to comb out the horses tails.   It is truly an amazing find.

Okay, so I started out looking for a product to remove the winter hair.  Just need to mention that these gloves remove shedding hair very well!  I was blown away by how easy the hair came off of their coats.

It is now August, no longer Spring shedding season.  I have been kind of curious to see if the horses would still like this kind of grooming well-passed winter hair shedding time.  I am pleased to say that every time I go out to the pasture wearing these gloves, the horses will come right to me, asking for some pampering.  Grooming my kiddos gives me the perfect opportunity to spend some undemanding time with them, building on our relationships.  To be honest about it, sometimes they all mob me and I need to do some reminders with them on manners.  But I can’t complain when my 4-legged kiddos want to be with me!